Non-Stick Frying Pan  (25 cm) iCook™Non-Stick Frying Pan  (25 cm) iCook™
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Non-Stick Frying Pan (25 cm) iCook™

Order number: 100678| Size: 10-inch (25 cm) non-stick frying pan with lid

    The iCook™ non-stick cookware culinary line combines science and technology to create quality products. The iCook brand offers superior products with DURAMIC™ non-stick coating system that utilises the most advanced technology available today.

    The DURAMIC 2-layer non-stick coating system is further reinforced internally and externally for superior durability. The special combination of product features and advanced technologies used to create this high quality coating offers significant improvement in properties, resulting in less effort during cooking, making clean up even easier.

    Non-stick coated stainless steel pans featuring the OPTITEMP™slab base with ergonomically designed handles and knobs.  The slab base offers ideal heat distribution so food cooks evenly.  The pan bodies are 18/10, T304 surgical grade polished stainless steel. The base features ferromagnetic stainless steel for induction range compatibility. 

    • Special DURAMIC™non-stick coating system, that is both internally and externally reinforced
    • Solid, heavy gauge pan body construction made of 18/10 T304 surgical grade polished stainless steel
    • OPTITEMP slab bottom is compatible with most common cooktops including gas, electric, glass/ceramic, hob and induction range
    • OPTITEMP slab bottom provides better heat distribution and retention than other common cookware material such as cast iron, solid stainless steel and enameled carbon steel
    • Reinforced non-stick coating system. Technology locks coating system in place for excellent durability
    • Pan bottom feature a satin finish
    • Shock-resistant, tempered glass lid 
    • The coating is PFOA free
    • Heat resistant to 400°F/ 204°C
    • Ergonomic handle and knob
    • Hang hole in handle
    • Pan and lid have a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects when used domestically
    • Reinforced non-stick coating system provides long lasting performance, helps prevent damaging scratches, resistant to damage from all non-metal utensils
    • OPTITEMP slab bottom helps prevent hot spots and warping, promotes even cooking for great cooking results 
    • OPTITEMP slab bottom combines the advantages of stainless steel and aluminum to overcome disadvantages of each metal when used alone for superb performance.
    • DURAMIC™coating prevents food from sticking to the pan for longer than other non-stick coatings
    • Healthy way of cooking - requires little or no added oils
    • Suitable for a variety of cooking methods:  stewing, boiling, steaming, roasting, poaching, frying, braising, simmering, stove top.
    • Solid pan body is durable and helps resist rusting, pitting and staining with proper care.
    • Easy to clean and maintains its luster
    • Comfortable to use - handle is ergonomically designed, side helper handle on larger pans to assist with lifting
    • Tempered glass lid are durable
    • Versatile and oven safe*
    • Visually pleasing as well as practical and comfortable for the end user

    * Do not use at a high heat. Oven use not to exceed 204° C. Excessive heat can damage your cookware.

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